Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Language of Learning is PLAY

Happy Fall everyone!  We have been busy celebrating the season with lots of fun sensory and art activities.  

We made apple sauce, scarecrows, and we had a fun week sharing our costumes.

 This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving with soup making and baking!  Oh and adding leaves to our fabulous Gratitude Tree.
Just a reminder we are off the full week of Thanksgiving November 19th-23rd. Also, our Spring session (Jan 7- May 17) registration begins NOW and we will offer "open" registration to outside NLA families December 1st.

 A few weeks ago our Wildings groups took part in a visit from an African Dance and Drumming presentation!

We had a visit from Amy Bryant of Parenting Beyond Punishment/Wild Child Counseling this week and as usual she left us with many individual usable tools and strategies!   Amy spoke on the importance of having developmentally appropriate expectations for our children.  She reminded us that while there may be true "stages of development" that can help us understand how children think and feel at different ages there is no "one size fits all!"  Each and every child develops at their own rate. Truly connecting with your child can give the best clue into what they are needing at each stage. Children learn best when they are calm and connected and when they are responded to with warmth and some structure. 

Amy also asked us what long term goals we have for our children.  We came up with a fabulous list and then were able to recognize how we choose to respond to our children each and every day helps us get closer to making these goals a reality.   In my own experience with my four children I can honesty say keeping a close relationship with your children is the most important thing!   Connection, connection, connection! 

I especially loved Amy's statement that "the language of learning is PLAY!"  This reminded me again how extremely important and serious the "work of play" truly is! I am grateful for our amazing Playworkers who make sure our environment is a loving, safe environment for each child to learn and develop at their own pace.   

Thanks also to you for gifting us the opportunity to spend time with your children.      


Friday, May 18, 2018

Strong Roots and Here We Grow Again! Fall Registration Link!

   It's so hard to believe we are at the end of another year of NLA and what an amazing year it was!   NLA began with a vision and just a hand full of families who wanted something "different" for their children.    Almost 7 years later and we are now a connected community with strong roots and we are growing once again!  I am so excited about the year to come with many new program offerings, a lot more organization and a few new amazing  "play workers!" All of these additions will help continue to create a loving learning environment for your children.  


Use this link to sign up for more fun in the Fall......

Please check out our newly renovated website:

Through the years I have heard NLA being referred to as "Adventure School," "Nature School," "Mommy School," "Forest School," "Play School," and even "Barefoot School." I love each and every name and what I love most is that the word "school" is associated with a happy, positive experience for the children.  Whatever you call us at NLA our goal is that the children remember learning is fun and that NLA is always a safe, loving place made just for them!

As our NLA year comes to a close I am remembering your children and the many adventures we had this year.  So much happened each and everyday!  We played hard and as we all know "play is hard work!"

We created,

we made concoctions in the mud kitchen, 

we dug and ran and danced, 

we learned about friendships and strengthened friendships too.

We explored and celebrated each season and all of nature's treasures....


  We will miss you for just a few weeks, but we are looking forward to making more memories this summer and in the year to come!
Thanks for being a part of this community

Playfully, Joy