Monday, January 29, 2018

NLA News

Hello NLA families, 

Thank you to those who were able to make it to our Parent Chat on Saturday at Crazy Love Coffee! No worries if you had to miss it as there will be another Parent Chat posted soon!  We put our creative minds together and did lots of brainstorming. 

 I wanted to give a quick overview of what we discussed and what we have to look forward to!

First of all, NLA will NOT be following the upcoming February break! If you will be out of town and not attending please email and let me know! It is always important to let me know (especially in these winter months when our attendance is lower) if you are not attending.  You can email, send me a quick text or send a message through our Meetup page.  

Upcoming Events: 

On March 3rd at 11AM we are grateful to have Amy Bryant of Parenting Beyond Punishment and Wild Child Counseling coming for another visit. Amy is also trained in Hand in Hand parenting!  Please RSVP on Meetup soon, so we can get a head count for the event.  This will take place at NLA and babies in arms are welcome.   

Our May Day Spring Festival is going to be even more magical this year! It will take place on Saturday, May 5th and we are offering local artisans and merchants booths for a very reasonable fee. Spread the word and have anyone interested in a booth contact me at  We will be fundraising to support a few scholarships as well as $ to present our program at local Homeschool conferences this summer!  We are also planning a Silent Auction! Look for more information soon. As always, there will be live music, face painting, yummy community food and our Maypole dance! Makes you want to jump forward to Spring doesn't it????

Sign-ups have opened for Mrs. Audrey's summer Artful Play camp June 4-9 for ages 5-10.  This will fill up quickly!  You can sign-up on Meetup or email Audrey at for more information.  

We also be offering Wilding summer days as well as Mixed-age NLA summer days! Dates coming soon.....

If you know your plans for Fall please let me know!  We will be offering three days of NLA Mixed-age and possibly two days of our Wilding program!  

I am so grateful for this community and the nurturing environment that we create for children.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

A Precious Journey of Exploration and Discovery

Happy October NLA Families!   I am so grateful that you are a part of this community.  We are so lucky to be able to provide such a loving space for these beautiful children!  

We started our Thursday Wildings program this year with the creation of a "journey stick."  The children chose a stick, decorated it, and they will be collecting items during the year to add to their sticks.  Each journey stick will be unique and will reflect the child's own personal story or journey throughout the year. 

  It is taping into everyone's "unique journey" that inspires me to do the work I do!  It is truly what NLA is all about.  Each child comes in with their own specific journey and my hope is that we step back and see the beauty that happens when we allow them to be just who they are right now! No pushing or prodding or forcing, but just allowing and meeting them right where they are!  

Childhood is a precious small window of time and we have the opportunity to treat it as a "precious journey" of exploration and discovery!  

 This is how our NLA journey looks so far this year.....

Our flags turned out just beautiful!  Head down the trail and add your name to one if you didn't get to help create it!

 The children love "real work" and we had them helping mulch the trail this week! The mulch mountain is also just a blast to climb on and we will make it last as long as we can!  

More "real work" included harvesting our watermelons, watering and getting our weeding done, so we can plant next week! We also started creating our scarecrow!

We visited our fairy house and added fairy presents too!

We discovered lots of creatures together...


Of course there was lots of creating around ever corner....

We were super busy in our Mud kitchen .....

 We connected with new friends.....

There were lots of costumes and shows....

 Running and climbing too.

And one of our favorite parts of our daily NLA journey is our "sharing."

Looking forward to adding more experiences and discoveries to our journey together!

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

NLA Barefoot Books Fundraiser: Deadline is October 17th! You can pick up a catalog this week or browse online at   thanks to Sarah Seyfred for setting this up for us!

Tuesday and Friday groups please bring apples this week-October 3 and 6!

Fall Break: October 31st-November 3!

Check out our NLA Handbook on our website if you haven't already done so   There are resources, a general "who we are," as well as a summary of the parent role at NLA :).

Find us on Instagram too!

The new NLA 101 date will be posted this week on Meetup!  New and current families are welcome!  I encourage you to come and be a part of the discussion! 

NLA T-shirts: If you would like a NLA T-shirt please let me know! We will putting in an order in the next few weeks.