Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just Play

             Welcome Natural Learning Play Group News!

      "Learning is not a "race" of information, it is a "walk" of discovery."


   Our last two Wednesday Meet ups have been wonderful!  I could not ask for a better group and parents and children and a more perfect space for our gatherings.  Thank you for bringing your children and being apart of this!  I will try and write a once a week newsletter....hopefully with photos too!   

  The church seems to be super cooperative thus far about our group using their space.  We will begin paying rent for our space next week and I will post the total cost on the Meet up board later today.   

  The church has even been offered a spot in their community garden.  I am excited about this and hope to get some seedlings in peat pots started next week with the children.  We will take the kids for a walk in the garden next week and maybe even do some watering.  I am going to go on a watering can hunt to see if I can find some super inexpensive children's water cans for our group.        

    I am extremely excited about starting to get to know you and your children.    I am also happy that it is turning out to be more than I expected!   I am thrilled to be providing a loving, safe environment where your children can be children learning naturally through play and nature exploration.  

  I love the quote at the top of the newsletter because I believe the work of children is play...they learn best through discovery and exploration.  I will provide and facilitate the activities as way for the children to explore and experiment but with freedom to play and learn at their own pace.  Any conflicts that may arise between the children also offer perfect opportunities for social and emotional growth.       
 My next goal is to offer this group two days a week.  I will keep you posted and would love your feedback as to what would work for you.  Thanks!  


What to Bring: Snack and/or lunch.  I am going to ask church for a few small tables and chairs to be added to the pavilion for us to make it easier for us to eat our snack together.     

A change of clothes: In case we get painty or chalky or muddy...we may get messy!

Sharing:  Have the children bring something to show their friends.  It can even be a photo or something from nature.  I think "Sharing" or "Show and Tell" is great for children this age as it gives them a time in the spot light,  it let's them get to know each other a little better and it helps them work towards actually "sharing" at their own pace.  It is fun if you bring the sharing in a bag.....guessing the sharing is part of the fun!  

What to start saving:  
Toilet paper tubes, newspaper, cardboard egg cartons, oatmeal type containers, any other cool item you can recycle for creating with. 
Big appliance boxes are great too!

Thanks for taking and posting photos on our Meet-up page!  Can't wait to see everyone again.  
See you next week,  Joy