Friday, October 5, 2012

  It was another fun filled day!  We could not ask for better weather right now!  So happy to be able to be outside with the children as much as possible while we are together on Wednesdays.  
 Just thought I'd share some photos from the week.  If you have any photos and you are able to post them on Meetups...please do!

It was nice to explore the garden this week and do some watering too!  I love seeing the excitement children have when they get involved in gardening and growing their own food.  I hoping that in the spring we will have our own little garden area full of vegetables for the children to harvest themselves.  We will try hard to get our area weeded and ready for some Fall vegetables too!  I would really love to add a small scarecrow of our own to the garden as well.  If anyone has any ideas for this let me know.   
  We welcomed Sam and his mother Christi to our group this week!  So happy you joined us Sam. 

I am thinking of a hiking outing Friday of next week.  I will keep you posted.  

Here are some other fun things we did this week!   

We read books!

                              We climbed and pretended.
                                                            We scooped and poured.

We built.

We painted.

                                                                          And we shared!

Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday.  Have a great weekend! Joy

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