Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lots Of Dancing and Spinning (spin art that is)!

   When I look back at the photos from our reminds me how incredibly lucky we are to have this group!  The children teach and remind me how to be in the moment and how to simply enjoy life!  They inspire me! 
   I love to set up the environment for the children each week, but what I love most is watching how the children use their imaginations and magically make something so simple so incredibly special :).  Adding a few dress ups to our "outdoor classroom" this week suddenly had two dancing princesses and a few Daddy's.    

    There were a few tears when one of the Princesses decided she no longer wanted to dance, but with a little help with the "words" the princess was able to say, "I don't want to dance right now" and it was all good! Sometimes children just need a little help with the words!  This just proves once again that the "work" of childhood is "play."  They are learning the in's and out's of is HARD work!  It takes practice to and lot's of real experience!  



                      The dancing princesses and one of the Daddy's in his apron!

         Davis found a pot holder in the dress-up bag and said, "I'm cleaning the garage." 


                                              We cooked and baked!


                             We made some colorful Spin Art this week!   

Carson asked if she could paint on the small easel and we made our own paint brushes from a few sticks!  It worked perfectly and Carson discovered she made "gold" paint by mixing the orange and yellow she chose.  

We shared!

                                    We visited and explored the garden.

                Running, chasing and exploring!

                                          NEXT WEEK:  

 We will make yummy warm apple sauce!  If you want to bring a few apples of your own you can! If you have a crab apple tree with fruit that has fallen..please bring some to show us!

 Can't wait to see everyone again.  Thank you parents for bringing your children each week!  Have a great weekend, Joy

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