Friday, November 30, 2012

Digging for treasure!

Digging For Treasure: 

    New friends arrived on Wednesday and the treasure digging began!  I am always amazed at how easy it is for children to jump right into a new place with brand new faces and become part of the group.  We added two new families to our group this week and we hope they keep joining us!  We welcome Sher and her children Kian and Kayden as well as Justyna and her son Kaleb to Natural Learning!   

    The children instantly connected while working together digging up treasure.  It was interesting as usual to see how the three digging tools we have on the playground are shared and passed from child to child.  There seemed to be one tool that most of the children "needed" for this project and with a little help with the words the children managed to make sure everyone had a chance to use it.  Perfect example of the "practicing" of social skills on the playground!  

  Sharing is not something children are born knowing how to takes lots of practice!  I prefer letting the children ask their friends if they can have a turn with whatever they are wanting to use.  Helping them say, "Can I have a turn, when you are done?"  Usually the child with the object will respond, "Yes."  I like to stay close by in case the exchange never happens, but it usually does!  This is child-directed problem-solving....putting the power in the child's hands!     

Lots of cooking and baking in our outside and inside kitchens this week!  

 Play dough is something I always have for the children to use each week.....just the color changes :).

Easel Painting and mixing colors!  Sam said his was painting a "turtle."

Abigail discovered some mushrooms on the playground.....

We worked hard on some cool yarn art pieces,

and we built castles with our big legos!  

We enjoyed showing our knew friends how our "sharing" works as well.  Sharing can even be a story or "news" the child may want to share.   A huge part of the fun is the "guessing."  I think I may love it more than the kids!

Can't wait to see everyone next week!  Please RSVP on Meetups to let me know if you can join us!  You can also text me at anytime (with four teens I am a texting genie) (770) 820-4044.  Have a great weekend, Joy

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  1. hi joy! i left you a message earlier today:) i would love to join you this upcoming wednesday. would that be okay? my son devin is 3.5 and i have my little 4 month old.