Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkins and Spider Webs

Feeling a Little Like Fall!   

  Fall was definitely in the air these last two weeks!  It's good to get outside as much as we can when the sun shines this time of year to get our Vitamin D!    

I was out of town and unplugged from technology last week!  It was a nice forced Digital Detox (no internet in Nantahala Mountains), but I was not able to get my Natural Learning Newsletter out!  Here is it!

  We decided to have our snack inside last week and have hot chocolate to keep us warm!  
  We also did a cool science experiment called Milky Fireworks! The kids just love watching the erupting colors!  
For those who wanted to know the Science behind the experiment... here is: Milk contains both fat and water.  These two do not mix and detergent is a substance that will mix with fat and water! When the detergent is dropped in the milk, one end of the detergent molecule attaches to the fat and the other attaches to the water which causes a boiling effect (the erupting/firework colors)! 

  We decorated pumpkins!  If you cut your pumpkin open and add soil,water and sun you may grow your own pumpkin!  

Some of us even decorated our own faces!

We played with green play dough!

Ramps and cars outside!

Marble Web painting takes lots of concentration!

We dressed up!

Artists at work!

Tower Fun!

We waited patiently to share and then enjoyed every second of it!

Photos from November 7th!  We stayed warm and played inside on this rainy, wet and cold day!

Next Week:  We will work on our Scarecrow...we saved the activity so more of our friends could help! If you have any plastic grocery bags for stuffing please bring them!   

Holiday Breaks:  We will not meet the week of Thanksgiving: November 21st and also December 26th-Jan 2nd. 

December 19th we will have a Gingerbread Workshop day at Natural Learning!  More info to come!

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