Saturday, December 22, 2012

Birthday Song One More Time!

"Every stage of development is complete in itself.  
The 3 year old is not an incomplete 5 year old.  
The child is not an incomplete adult.
Never are we simply on our way!
Always we have arrived!
Enjoy Now!" 
                                                        ...J.C. Pearce

   This quote just reminds us to enjoy each stage of childhood and life as it arrives!  As a mother of four teenagers, I can tell you that each and every moment should be just goes by way too fast!  Enjoy and embrace every stage.  

    I have some construction going on in my office (which is also my laundry room) this week, so this newsletter will be short and sweet!  My husband is adding a door to my office/laundry room, so that come Spring I can have access to my gardens!  

  We were given another lovely sunny day on Wednesday!  I was reminded of how children truly learn through "doing" this week.  I feel it is a gift to allow our children free time to repeat certain play over and over again without interruption.    I love that the children can fully engage in an activity for as long as they like!  It is through practice and repetition that true learning happens for all of us!

   Our playdough table became a birthday party...and we sang Happy Birthday over and over again! 

 We practiced our fine motor skills with some cutting and drawing. 

After Carson was finished tracing a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter she said, "Actually this is not a gingerbread man, it is a jellyfish."  This lead to a Jellyfish story.  Carson dictated as I wrote as fast as I could.  She later read her story to me.  This is emergent literacy in action!  If you are not familiar with Vivian Gussin Paley....I highly recommend her books.  She was a Preschool/Kindergarten teacher who wrote several books on children's play and storytelling. Good reading and one of my mentors as a teacher. 


 We cooked together.                                              

 We hung, climbed, slid, dug and swept!  

                                                                    We Shared!

 We read books!


                     We had loads of fun decorating our cookies!  

 We ended our day running our "sugar" off in the open grassy area!  Wish I had photos to post of this as it was lovely to see the beauty of children running freely without a care in the world (if you took a photo of this time...please share it with us).

NEXT WEEK:  Enjoy you Holidays!  We will not be meeting next week, but if there is enough interest....I would love to meet again Jan 2nd.   I will post on Meetups  and see how many RSVP.

Hugs to you all, Joy

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