Friday, January 25, 2013

Magnet Mess and Cake Pops!

My husband went a little Starbucks crazy and delivered lots of goodies for us to share this week!  Sorry for the amount of sugar we all consumed, but it really felt like a party and I loved sharing my birthday with you!  The "pretty birthday song" made my day!

  We welcomed Joyette and her sons JaNoah and ZaKhai this week!   

I added magnets for exploring and experimenting with this week.  

 The little scientists took their magnet wands and "tested" items in our classroom to see what would and would not stick!  They discovered we have both metal and wood doors!

 With concern for our little ones the children decided to "clean" the magnets up.  I am amazed once again how the activities change and develop with the children's imagination!  

Playdough play...

 and one of my favorite things.... reading books!  

 We read a book about worms and then we checked out our compost worms! 

We added a perfect kid size table and chairs to our dramatic play kitchen area this week! Our new fire engine also got lots of use.


Asher made some great roads in the mulch.

And the moment for each child to shine....sharing!

We headed outside as the sun made an appearance!  We dug and poured in our sand and moon sand sensory tubs.  The children spent time working together to cover the volcano.  I heard them decide that the volcano was cold and it would be warmer under the sand!

We ended our day with yummy cake pops and fun songs! Then we RAN off the sugar in the open field!

Parent Chat: See most of you tomorrow at 10:30 AM for our first parent chat.  We will meet in the Robinwood house to the left of the garden at LCR.  Look forward to chatting and making plans for Natural Learning!  

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  1. So enjoy reliving and sharing with others our Wednesdays. Thank for your time and efforts with keeping up with this blog. We are so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful group!