Friday, January 25, 2013


  My apologies for not getting a newsletter out last week.  I have been busy making costumes for my daughters school play. Thankfully that project is done!   Anyway, you will be receiving two newsletters this week!  

 "There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."~ Alfred Wainwright 

We had a wet day last Wednesday but we were able to head out in our rain boots for a little bit!


 We explored real locks and keys. This takes such concentration!  

 We cooked!

  We worked hard digging and making roads....

and swinging too!

With rain comes the opportunity to watch the flow of water and get down and dirty in the mud!  

Inside we made nature collages.  

The children worked hard cleaning our "store." I loved how the children used the brushes and chairs and devised this creative game on their own!

Kian wants and is ready to write!  Book suggestion here to help with this subject: The Write Start by Jennifer Hallissy.  The author does a great job at explaining that children write when they are ready...she even has a "ready" or "not" checklist.  She explains how children move from scribblers to writers.  All of the painting, playing with playdough, practice with scissors, doing puzzles helps to strengthen the muscles in our hands which eventually leads to writing!  I own this book and will be happy to loan it out!  I am thinking of adding a school library area to our room were we can all share good books! 

 And of course we shared.......

Information about our Parent Chat in the next newsletter!  See you next week, Joy

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