Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Explorations and Experiments in the Sunshine!

Friday was a beautiful day for exploring  soaking up the warm sunshine and that is just what we did! 

We played in the dirt and the sand and we took time to stop and smell the flowers.

 There were forests to discover...

and ramps to be made...

and cooking and composting to be done.

We painted too!  Carson told me this was a picture of the beach.  I see the blue ocean water and the bright sun!  

I brought the magnets out for the kids to test on the playground. They tested the match box cars and the monkey bars! Little Scientists at work and play!  

For Kian the play dough was transformed into a Home Depot paint department.  He worked hard mixing paint and making sure the customers were happy.

And there were birthday donuts too!

Our sharing and snack were done in the sun!  

We headed inside for a story and goodbye song.

More photos of happy children.  

 See you Wednesday!  Hoping to get outside with our large Wednesday group, so bundle up it may be cold!   

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