Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hearts Galore and Firefighters too!

Love was in the air and Wednesday was a day full of hearts...heart art, heart cards and even heart donuts!  We welcomed Julia and her son Brolin to our NLA family.  

We created some wax resist painted hearts or we just painted!

 Some of us made Valentines and presents for the ones we love.

We explored with ramps!  It is amazing what excitement can come from adding a few pieces of plywood to the room.  The children had a better plan for our new mailboxes...they became tunnels for the cars! 

Spin art!  

We all needed to get outside and run for awhile after the rain let up!  

 Pink play dough became birthday cakes and cookies!

  The Firefighter/police officer playground play was so much fun to watch.   It was interesting to hear how they decided on the roles they would play in the game.  The children used playdough tools, cones and sticks as their Firefight equipment.   How incredibly wonderful to in an instant "become" an all powerful hero!  So much learning going on here!   

Swinging to the moon and just having fun!

We shared and we ended our day with stories and a new "Love" song!  

As I see the need I am considering adding a Tuesday to NLA week.  I would be doing this mainly to help the overflow we seem to have on Wednesdays.  I am shooting for 8-9 total children each day (it just seems to work best for everyone).  Please let me know if Tuesday works for you and if you would be willing to switch to that day.  If it does not work for anyone, we will just keep what we have and embrace it all!   I have "closed" our group on Meetups to "new"members and have asked everyone who is interested in NLA to email me, schedule a visit and keep in touch with us through Facebook and the blog.  Love the community we have created here! Thank you all!  

The Friday blog will be done a little later as Kristen took many great photos and I am waiting for her to upload them for me! Have a great weekend, Joy    

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