Sunday, February 3, 2013

Volcanoes and Car tracks!

  We had a fantastic first Friday this week!  It was another fun boy day!  I feel setting up and changing the environment is an important part of working with children.  I usually over plan for the day, but I tweek the plans and put out what I think will interest the children that I know are coming.  I will say it again though, the children always make whatever activity I put out even more fun by adding their imagination and creativity!    I set up some tape tracks on our carpet and by the end of the day we had spaghetti junction!  

Another new addition to our classroom: A beautiful easel!

Playdough and cutting practice!  They may not all have the proper scissor grip down yet, but they are making cutting happen and that is what they are trying to do!  If they seem frustrated I will offer help by saying, "Here try this way of holding the scissors... it may be easier."  Most of the time though they revert back to their own grip until it clicks!       

Spin and sticker art fun! Look at the concentration going on! 

Our indoor kitchen, reading about dinosaurs and our sharing time!  Look at these beautiful boys!

Some of us even shared twice!

It was pretty cold outside, but we bundled up and headed out to build....

and dig....

and explode the volcano a few dozen times!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!  I told some of you about a new camper that was arriving at my house this week (we won it through a raffle)!  I am excited about it and wanted to share a photo!  Let the camping begin (when it warms up of course).  By the way, Enota in Hiawassee, GA is one of the most kid-friendly camping spots I know of!  We have tent camped there with our family and it is a great place to visit!  See you next week, Joy

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  1. joy, i love having these blog posts! this is really amazing to see. i really appreciate that you do this:)