Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Art Of Discovery

   We added a Tuesday gathering this week at NLA!   Welcome to Barrie and Jude and Stephanie and Ella!  So happy to have you join us.

 We were busy this week....


  creating masterpieces,

planting seeds for our garden,

baking muffins,

 creating and

building roads, buildings and ramps!

 We have uncovered a wealth of sand in our backyard (an old volleyball court)!  What a treasure for us to uncover.  We dug for pirate treasure, prepared for a wedding and even wrote in the sand.   

We explored with magnifying glasses, binoculars and baskets to fill.

 We continue to find new places to explore at NLA.  So grateful for our beautiful space!    

We had lots of fun sharing as usual! 


Parent Chat next Saturday March 30th in the Youth Pavilion where we have NLA!

Summer dates: Choosing June and July dates soon for summer gatherings!    

Thanks you all for being apart of Natural Learning Alternative!  

  Have a great weekend, Joy

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Building and Learning As We Go

   I think we all agree the social emotional development of a child should be a huge part of the learning that happens in an early childhood environment.  We want our child's first learning experience to help teach them to accept and cooperate with each other, to express emotions in positive ways and to solve problems creatively and peacefully.  I know as a young parent I worried that my child would never learn share or be able to solve social conflicts without me right there guiding them.   I am grateful that I had the guidance of the very knowledgeable Susan Caruso at Sunflower Creative Arts!    I learned from being a part of this community not to be embarrassed by or worried about my child's development but instead to look at each "conflict" as an opportunity for "learning!"  After all, we are not born "knowing" how to solve conflicts, but it is an on going process throughout our lives.     We are all works in progress!  

I want to share a few steps (from a book "What the Kids Said Today by Daniel Gartrell) that can help when a "conflict" arises: 

1. Cool Down (all of you)

2. Agree what the problem is

3. Brainstorm solutions all can live with (ask each child involved)

4.Try it out...with adult guidance if needed..and stay close to make sure the solution worked.

With that being said I think we have a pretty peaceful environment at Natural Learning Alternative!  Conflicts will arise and as Pete the Cat says..."It's All Good!"
  I love that we can allow the children the space to learn at their own pace!  

 I added boxes and tubes to the classroom this week for creating 

 and stacking

 and delivering 

and loading!  So much fun to watch the boxes get loaded on the train!

We also had baskets to fill!

 We scooped the sand,

 poured it down the slide

 and then slide down in it! 

We also made colored sand on Friday!

We cooked with sand, playdough and birdseed!

We made some fun track prints with our cars and lots of paint.

We did some"wooding" as Devin calls it.  Devin came in requesting the wood glue and pieces of wood for building and went straight to work.

We shared and enjoyed our time together.

Next Week: We are adding Tuesdays to our week at NLA! We will welcome new families to our community!  

Upcoming Dates: 

Parent Chat: March 30th 10:30 AM-12:30 PM

Spring Break: NO NLA April 8- April 12

Items to gather: 

Toilet/paper towel tubes
Oatmeal/coffee/salt containers
Big boxes (appliance size)
Cool recyclable items to add to our "free art and building" projects
Have a great weekend!  Joy