Saturday, May 11, 2013

Working on Real Life Skills...together!

  If you lean in, listen and look a little closer at children at play you will see there is much more  happening there than the activity or game at hand.   It is during uninterrupted, true child-led play that children learn the social "skills" they will use the rest of their lives.  It can be frustrating and sometimes even embarrassing for us as parents to see that our child is struggling to share or even have kind words.  By letting these adult feelings go and just understanding where your child is puts you in a calm place which allows the natural learning process to happen.  As long as you are offering children a safe, loving space to experiment with "feelings," that you are setting the boundaries necessary, and you are offering help when needed.... the learning will happen.  It make take LOTS of practice, but they will get it!    

  As I look back at the photos I love to see the sense of community we have created at NLA.  A community where we can all grow and learn together (parents and children).    

  I am pretty confident the children know this is a safe place and that they know they can come ask for the help when needed if a conflict should arise...because they DO ask for help.  It is a beautiful thing to hear the children "asking" for help instead of just "reacting" when a conflict arises.  Some adults have not mastered this skill yet, so to see children "getting it" is a good thing! 

This week the NLA community had fun....

 Experimenting together,

 working together,

painting together,

discovering together,

exploring together,

imagining together, 

planting seeds together and....

being goofy together!  

 I wanted to share these photos of the girls picking flowers.  Carson told me, "We are picking flowers for Kian, to cheer him up."  It was a sweet moment!   

And of course we Shared together!

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