Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Lovin'


  Summer camp is in full swing and we have been enjoying our days outside in the heat at NLA summer camp.  Coming from South Florida where summer temps last practically year round I am still amazed by the change in seasons.  As much as I complain about the cold weather by March, I absolutely love the season changes.  I am so appreciating the warmth of each day and remembering that it is only temporary as Fall will be here soon enough.  Yay for summer! Enjoy it while we can.  Mark your calendars and celebrate with the children: Summer Solstice is June 21st (longest day of the year and official first day of summer) and the Super Moon (closest and largest full moon of 2013) is June 23rd!     


Some of our summer camp fun so far at NLA:

Water Explorations.......

We washed and washed our train and some baby dolls too!

Summer is not complete without some sprinkler fun!

Fun with our new water wall!

 We played with frozen water and
 water beads and bugs too!

 Sand explorations ....

Coloring sand and making layered sand art!

Digging and

  Treasure Hunts!

Other fun in the sun...


bug hunting,


playdough time,


popcycles and

                   lots of laughing of course!

Reminder NO NLA summer camp this week.  Our next week of summer camp is June 25 and June 26 (no NLA June 28).  Let's have fun Gardening and Growing. Bring or wear a bathing suit and water shoes for some more sprinkler fun too!

By the daughter, Kristen took some amazing photos at summer camp and when she returns from a beach trip she will have them for you.

Parent Chat: I will post the new Parent Chat dates on Meetups...RSVP if you can make it!  

  Can't wait to see everyone next week!  

Article to share: 

  I recently came across an old article that I read years ago when I was teaching downtown in Inman Park.  The article, To Be a Help to Life was written by author and Montessori teacher Maren Schmidt.  I remember it brought tears to my eyes (I do admit though that pretty much everything makes me cry :/) the first time I read it because it really put into words how I felt then and how I feel today about working with and parenting young children.  I am attaching the link to the article in case you want to read the whole thing.

 To sum it up Schmidt compares taking care of children to taking care of a growing and blossoming plant.  As a gardener we take care to make sure we plant the seeds in fertile ground and in an appropriate climate.  We water, we weed and we protect our garden.... never ONCE pulling a plant from it's roots to see if it is growing! That would make no sense at all. No tests needed thank goodness.   We watch and observe and of course we help the plant in any way we can.  We trust that nature will take it's course and the plant will grow naturally.  

   We as parents and teachers plant, water, weed protect, strengthen, and then enjoy the harvest.  Just as plants do.... children need a place where they are watched, nourished, protected, and strengthened until adulthood.  

It also helps if we are knowledgable gardeners making sure we have the right tools for the job!  Love that we can share our parenting tools with other and support each other with this very important job!