Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vigorous Play!

  We have been loving our Fall weather at NLA! So much fun to experience the change in weather and how it naturally changes our play and exploration.  The change in season offers us new colors, new smells and lots of new things to explore.  I am still amazed by the changes in seasons and love to experience it all through the eyes and excitement of your children.  

  We are together for three short hours each day at NLA, but I am forever amazed by the amount of activity we cover during our short time together.  We use our whole bodies to move and think and discover and we have lots of space to run free.  

  In "A Natural Sense of Wonder" by Rick Van Noy the author describes his after school "play" experience (after changing into"play" clothes of course).  This reminds me of how we play at NLA.  "In these magical spaces, limits were tested, roles were played (or assigned), bonds were formed with each other and with those places.  Bodies grew strong, imaginations stretched, time suspended.  Vigorous play, where have you gone?"  I love that as a group we are continuing to allow our children the opportunity for open-ended, free ranging and VIGOROUS play!  No need to change clothes either....we always have our play clothes on...ready for our new adventures!  Our play this week included

 A Fall Scavenger hunt.  We searched for signs of Fall....

We found colored leaves, acorns, rocks, moss and feathers. We also discovered poop and tried to figure out what it come from. Some of the guesses were "a wolf,  Ms. Joy's dog, a deer or a coyote."

 We did some much needed raking,

We did lots of swinging, 

 we explored with water beads,

 we did some building and 

 creating with playdough too! 

Our market was OPEN selling lots of vegetables.... 

and a few minutes later the market became a Police Station too! 

We made glittery fairy wands. 

 We were Scientists too conducting our Milky fireworks experiment!

 We painted and we even wrote some too....

 We gathered and rested and shared quiet time and good food....

 and we shared a little too!

  All in a day's WORK at NLA! 

Welcome to our new happy you joined us!

This week:

 NO Apple orchard this week!  We will meet as usual and let you know our next date for field trip.