Monday, January 6, 2014

Celebrate Winter!

Happy New Year NLA families! Hoping you all had a wonderful Winter break.  The winter weather allows us time to hibernate and retreat a bit (forces it too with the cold temps)!    It's the thoughts of the sun returning and the warmth and love of this NLA group that help keep me enthusiastic about the year to come!  Many exciting things to come in 2014! We continue our vision of our Homeschool group!  

 Here are some happy moments from of the past month of play and learning at NLA:

A winter wonderland play setting.....

 and the kids added ramps to make it even more magical!

 We enjoyed lots of outside time and enjoyed our SUNSHINE!

 Snow Dough was a hit....


 and white puffy paint too!

 Some big boxes were forts and hideouts 

and perfect for painting too!

  Lots of digging and sand play. 

We explored in the "forest."  

We found swords, bows and arrows and magic wands (wonderful sticks of course).

We went on walks to the mossy road.

 We painted,



 created and got messy together!

 We shared....


To celebrate the Winter Solstice we made lanterns,

 ate yummy SUN bread, 

 and decorated Gingerbread cookies.

 We also started writing stories!  So excited about adding this to our day at NLA!  


The church emailed me to today and we should have news tomorrow about our rent cost for the Homeschool Extension of NLA! 

Let's take a vote on a name for our Homeschool group! Any ideas? Please let me know! 

Dates to remember:

NLA starts back tomorrow JAN 7th!  If there is inclement weather I will send an email and/or text to let you know.   

Due to a death in the family I will be headed to Vermont this Friday January 10th and Jen Curry will cover for me that day! I will miss you all! 

 PARENT CHAT: Saturday January 25th at 10:30 AM in the LCR basement!