Monday, February 10, 2014

Play is serious Work!

The winter weather lead us to some fun Winter research this past month.  It was truly a gift to experience our NLA space covered in a blanket of snow!  

 The children discovered animal footprints,

 they dug in our snow covered sand pit,

 we followed the sound of a Woodpecker,

and we caught the snow as it melted and dripped from the roof!  Hands-On Science research!

Some of the other "research" we did:

 Ice and color exploration,  

 cooking in our outdoor kitchen,

 birdseed pouring and scooping,

 adventures and the gathering natural materials, 

and discovering treasure in the sandpit!

Inside we had a Market this past week!

As always, there was lots of building and constructing going on!

 And reading,


and painting too! 
There was even an "ART SHOW" on the playground.

 We also had our special"sharing"time together!
Observing children at play continues to amaze me!  I know that their "play" is important, serious "work" and I am grateful to be able to be apart of it. 

This week: Please bring a shoebox to hold Valentines Day cards.  We will decorate the boxes together!  You are welcome to bring V-Day cards already made or I will have the materials for the children to make them during our time together.  If they do not want to make cards that is completely fine too! This is an optional activity of course! 

Please bring a "community" snack to share this week if you would like (gluten and peanut free). 

WEATHER THIS WEEK:  Please check for emails and texts from me before heading to NLA Tuesday and Wednesday as there may be ice and snow again!