Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's About the Journey

  On Wednesday one of the children suggested we go on a bird hunt.  We set out with our bird guide, our binoculars and our excitement!  I explained that we may need to use quiet voices so we would not scare the birds away (not an easy thing when you are so very excited).

 We quickly discovered a mysterious hole and talked about what kind animal could be living there.  Some suggestions were a coyote, a raccoon and a snake! We decided poking stick in the hole was not the best idea. 

 We continued along the way and saw "Margaret the garden lady" working in the garden.  Margaret explained to the children that she was preparing the garden for the cold weather.  She told us that the peppers would not like to cold temperatures, but that our broccoli would be just fine.  

 Not much farther along the path we found benches to take a rest and some awesome climbing trees! 


In the end we found one pretty bird feather and heard a few birds in the distance, but we never actually saw a bird on our journey!  Everyone was happy though and it was all about the journey along the way! 

Liam suggested we search for snakes next time! 

Some other fun these past weeks included:

Making Seed and Corn Mosaics,

finding amazing living creatures on the playground,

building with different materials,

 weeding in the garden,

Writing our own stories and reading them aloud,

cool, slimy Science experiments,

 amazing fort building,

 selling cakes in the Farmer's Market,

 being silly with friends,

 cutting practice,

and sharing too!

If you did not receive the email I sent about our Inclement weather plan and RSVPing this week, please let me know.  I sent the email through Meetup.

Please RSVP a head of time each week! If you have to cancel last minute please update your RSVP and text me to let me know!  

Important Dates: Thanksgiving Holidays No NLA November 26th or 28th

This week we will be making Stone (vegi) Soup: Please bring one item  (anything you have at home that would be  good in soup).  I will provide most everything and no worries if you don't have anything to bring! 

Look forward to seeing everyone! Dress warmly! All the best, Joy

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The "Presents" of Wonder Each Day

  Children remind us to get excited about the smallest things in life.  As we gather for our time together at NLA it is such a beautiful thing to just watch and listen as the children play (they can teach us so very much).      

These last few weeks the children saw wonder in looking for spider-webs.  

The marble paintings we created looked a little like the spider-webs!

We found wonder in decorating, exploring and exploding pumpkins.

And seeing "how many pumpkins long" we all were!

 Wonder and happiness in creating buildings,

rolling out dough, 

 creating homes for creatures,

and setting up an indoor picnic!  I overheard Owen tell his brother that they would need some jazz music for the picnic!

Wonder in finding beautiful Fall leaves and cutting and creating leaf mosaics (100% child-directed activity by the way).

 We made bats and wore costumes!

And we just enjoyed hanging with our friends!