Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The "Presents" of Wonder Each Day

  Children remind us to get excited about the smallest things in life.  As we gather for our time together at NLA it is such a beautiful thing to just watch and listen as the children play (they can teach us so very much).      

These last few weeks the children saw wonder in looking for spider-webs.  

The marble paintings we created looked a little like the spider-webs!

We found wonder in decorating, exploring and exploding pumpkins.

And seeing "how many pumpkins long" we all were!

 Wonder and happiness in creating buildings,

rolling out dough, 

 creating homes for creatures,

and setting up an indoor picnic!  I overheard Owen tell his brother that they would need some jazz music for the picnic!

Wonder in finding beautiful Fall leaves and cutting and creating leaf mosaics (100% child-directed activity by the way).

 We made bats and wore costumes!

And we just enjoyed hanging with our friends! 

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