Monday, February 9, 2015

Ingredients For Learning

                                  "Recipe For Learning"  

When I saw this poster listing the ingredients for learning it made me think of our days at NLA.  We have a good recipe for learning and it is beautiful to watch the children enjoy it!   

      I am so excited about the addition of our once a month Toddler Tuesday. It has been so much fun getting to know these beautiful families!  I am also offering a second Tuesday each month for all ages!  Please check out Meetup and join us when you can!      

 It has been such a joy to watch these toddlers explore, discover and create!  

Our Wednesday and Friday NLA'rs have been busy to say the least! 

 We have been building with many different materials!
We had fun experimenting with a big pendulum. 

 The "setting up" process was just as fun as the "knocking down."

 Our new blocks have been used to build firetrucks, ramps, roads and much more.


The children are always excited to see what there is to explore in our Sensory table!

We are all ARTISTS in our own individual, unique ways!

 We are grateful for the many warm winter days we have had to enjoy the outdoors!

 Some of the children have been busy creating pulleys on our playground!  This pulley play has been such an amazing child-led learning experience to witness!

 The children decided to create their own "business" selling the sweet gum balls that cover our playground right now.  They created a basket/rope pulley system for moving the balls to the "shop" and delegated the jobs that needed to be done! 

They added a scale and even had a "boss" who decided on break times!   It was hard work!

One day when this Sweet Gum ball business was all happening I asked Stella what her "job" was in the Sweet Gum ball business and she said,"My job is just to play."  Yes, to play is your job and what an important job PLAY is! So much happening while they play......    

The sweet gum ball "business" ended as Devin decided it was time to climb trees and so off we went!  

Upcoming dates to remember: 

February 13th:Valentines Day Celebration this Friday!  Don't worry if you don't have valentines made for everyone (this is a stress free V-Day) because I will have materials for making Valentines for everyone!  You can either bring a shoebox for your child's valentines or I will have small bags to decorate too.  

March 24th (for Toddler's) and March 27th: Waffle and PJ's!

Please bring a waffle topping (sign-up sheet so we won't have duplicates)!  I will provide real maple syrup :).

If your child has a gluten allergy please provide a gluten free batter for your child (and if you have your own waffle iron please bring it).

April (Date TBD):  Sandy Springs Fire Station Field Trip ( hoping for either April 1st or April 3rd). I am waiting to hear back from the Fire Station. 

We will tour the fire station and then head to a nearby park with our lunch! 

April 1 and 3: Spring Break No NLA