Thursday, September 17, 2015

Memories from our first few weeks of NLA!

  We are in week three of our Fourth year of NLA.  It has been three beautiful weeks so far!   I continue to be amazed at the incredible families that find our program.  Thank you for searching out an alternative for your child and for allowing me to be a part of your child's first learning environment.  And here we GROW again!  Last week we added our NLA Explorer program to our week and thanks to teachers Bridgot and Taylor for creating another loving learning environment for the older children!
Flipping through the photos from our time together puts me back in our space and just makes me smile.    Here are some memories from our last few weeks together! 

                      Let's make Play Dough! Much more happening here than the awesome end result.....

We gather,

we sift 

and we sift some more.  Sifting is not easy, but once we get the hang of it, it is hard to stop! 

                                We each take a turn stirring!  First with the big spoon and then we mixing with our hands.

Some of us get sticky and messy and some prefer not too! 

We decide it is HARD to wait our turn, but there are plenty jobs and lots of time so everyone can help. This is a cooperative effort!

And the of course the conversations!

We started plating in our new garden boxes this week!

We also worked hard adding mulch around our boxes.

We enjoyed sharing with our friends.

We created Nature/Story journals.

We explored and discovered together!


We always have fun in the Mud kitchen!

We got a lot messy too!

Check out our photos on our Facebook page as well as updates photos on the Meetup Site too! 

 Please remember to sign up ahead of time for our special in house field trip visit from the Medicine Bow Man on October 7th.