Monday, February 22, 2016


As some of you know last week the world lost Bev Bos, one of the huge influences behind NLA and many other early childhood programs nation wide.  Bev's philosophy was simply that children learn best through play, exploration and discovery.  Children learn best when given real life, tangible experiences (experiences that are always relevant to the child).   

Bev believed that reading, writing, and arithmetic are not the real "basics," in learning but yet wonder, discovery and real experiences are the true "basics." Bev believed that these true basics are needed first before the reading, writing and arithmetic.  The time and space to wonder and explore and discover!       

I was lucky enough to attend Bev's "Good stuff for Kids" conference in California in 2004 (many moons ago). The conference included visiting Bev's preschool space (absolutely amazing), lots of good workshops about how children learn best and lots of hands on PLAY!   I left that conference feeling inspired to create a loving environment where children feel respected and are able to explore and discover at their own pace.  I am so blessed to have this community and the ability to continue Bev's work (and play)!   

I am proud of what we together continue to create at NLA andI know Bev would be proud of us too!

Here are a few things I know Bev Bos would love about our NLA:  We are a community where all children are given respect and loved just as they are!

We have lots of open space to run and explore and dance!

We spend lots of time in nature, exploring and discovering real things using all of our senses!

We offer lots of uninterrupted time for children to much time as they need in fact! Bev would love this! 

 Bev would also be proud that we look at each social conflict that arises as an opportunity for learning and growth! Bev would love that all feelings are acknowledged and everyone is given the chance to learn at their own pace.  While I don't have any photos of the conflict interactions (these are not always pretty) they do happen daily and they are a huge part of the learning that is happening!  Bev understood that the arguments, the physical and emotional hurts are all part of learning. Bev would be proud of the way we handle these conflicts with respect and love. Thanks you Bev Bos for your work and your continuing inspiration.     

NLA Upcoming Dates:

March 1, 2, 4: Waffles and PJ Days

March 30th and April 1st: NLA Photo Shoot Day (more info to come)

 March 12th (time TBD): Parent Toolbox Chat

April 29th:May Day Celebration and Spring Fundraiser!

Coming soon: International Celebration Day!

Exciting NLA project coming soon! We will be building a tiny community library at LCR for both the church community and NLA use! Hoping to build a small one for the kids too.