Sunday, October 2, 2016

More of Everything in a Co-op

Our September has been a very busy one with many new additions to NLA!  First of all, welcome to our new families.  You will find our NLA cooperative community full of support and warmth.  I am grateful for you all!  Having worked in other "co-ops" I believe the strength of our NLA co-op community comes from not only our shared philosophy about how young children learn best, but also from the shared belief that ALL children deserve to be heard and seen and respected.     Our Cooperative model allows parents to be a part of their child's first learning environment and offers so much more of everything!   

(Please see the Important Dates and Reminders at the end of the Newsletter)

Being a Cooperative allows us to offer MORE exciting activities because we have more eyes and hands to help facilitate them! We couldn't offer these things without your hands on help. Activities like......

our pendulum or wrecking ball,

our new "Tool" table with real tools and nails (the Friday class proved that this is going to be a huge hit),

the coolest
new ways to create,

lots of volcanic eruptions,

reading time opportunities

                            all day everyday, 

and plenty of hands to help when it's needed!  

I love how the children feel free to ask for the items or the help they need! 

I often hear "I need more water,"

"more soap,"

                                                "a help across," 

"a different color, more paper,"

or "I need a push!"

We simply couldn't respond to each child's needs without everyone's help!

I also love to see the parents get excited right along with the children!  

Another benefit to having so many "helpers" in our Parent co-op is the children can always find someone to come and "see" what they made,

what they can do, 

 what they discovered,


or just come "listen" because they have lots to say and share! 

So far this seems to be the year of performances! We have had lots of story telling, song singing and fun dramatic play happening! 

 Cooperatives also offer the children plenty of  close-by, gentle guidance if needed! 

Another beautiful side effect of the cooperative helping hand model is that we are modeling the "let me help you" for the children!  This is such a beautiful thing.

Thanks for being a part of our cooperative and walking this journey with us! We could not do it without you!

Housekeeping and Reminders:

Inclement Weather:
NLA follows Cobb county weather closings.
If the weather is questionable please check Meetup to see if the day has been canceled. Check your email and text messages as well before heading out. You are also welcome to call or text me (770) 820-4044. Canceled days only will be credited.

To secure your weekly space please pay for four days or a month at a time. Drop-ins must be okayed in advance.
Meetup is now using “Wepay" instead of “Paypal”, but Payments can still be made through my Paypal

email :
Checks should be made to Natural Learning Alternative Cash in person is fine too. 

Fundraiser: For Small Hands School Credit Promotion happening now.

NLA will earn free classroom supplies and materials everytime you order from: For Small Hands :A Resource For Families Catalog (website or catalogue).

Check out the link on our website! Anything you purchase before December 31st. Great idea for Grandparents, friends and families!  

Call out for Help with Cleanup:

We need your cooperative help! Please help us cleanup each day, so the cleaning up doesn't fall all on one or two people.  Setting up for the day takes lots of time and so does cleaning up.  Let's get the children involved too.  If you have a clean up "system" idea that you think may work better please let us know ;). 

Please check on our website under "Parent Responsibilities" for more ideas on how to be "active participants" in our Cooperative.  

Upcoming Dates: 

Home Town Honey Bee Presentation Wednesday, October 12th 11:00 AM! This will be posted on the Meetup site with cost and details soon!  Please RSVP and pay ahead to save your spot. 

Next Parent Chat Date: 

October 12th 11:15 AM Please join us strengthen our Cooperative even more by attending our Parent Chats.  


The LCR parking lot is being repaved next week (a different section each day). Please follow the signs for parking each day.  One of the days we will need to enter in the "exit," so please look out for the signs!

We are making yummy apple sauce all week, so bring a few apples!   

Can't wait for the many more Fall weather days to come! 

See you next week, Joy